Welcome to my home on the web!

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My name is Dax, and I'm an old web enjoyer and frustrated web developer.

This website was created mainly for nostalgia's sake and as my own little contribution in keeping the old web alive. Feel free to click around and explore!

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This site is NOT MOBILE-FRIENDLY. It'll probably still be viewable on mobile, but I would not recommend viewing this on anything other than a desktop or a laptop.
Also, this site looks better on Chrome with a minimum resolution of 1920x1080.
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- Fixed some issues with my custom domain's DNS records.
- Fixed site appearance on Firefox. I've been viewing my site mostly on Chrome and didn't know that there were some styling issues on Firefox. My bad!

- Added a page dedicated to my childhood TV viewing.
- New site domain: daximus.site

- Neocities Neighbors' buttons have been moved to the Links page.

- Updated my site button. I'm only just starting to get the hang of animating pixels lol.

- Probably not noticeable, but I updated my main layout to look better when resizing the browser window. Still not mobile-friendly, and I don't believe I'll be making this site mobile-friendly anytime soon.

- Cool new music player that displays song info! Click on the flower to check it out.

- Updated index page with random music
- Added my Teeny Tower
- Updated my main page (this)

- Updated my Web Garden

- Updated my links page

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This site is ALWAYS under construction. =)